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Dear friends, fans, viewers, students, masters, beautiful souls

you reached my German language professional website. This is the website that goes with my studio here in Austria, close to the Switzerland border. You’re very welcome to visit :-)

If you have a question regarding a YouTube video please use the comment section below the video to share your thoughts, experiences, insights, or to ask questions. I don’t answer all YouTube comments, but I usually read all of them. Many of them are very beautiful soul food, thank you :-) <3

If you want to send me feedback that only I can read, or if you have a business related question, please use the form to the right (click “Absenden” to send).

My work in English language can be found here:

Feldenkrais With Alfons, on YouTube

Feldenkrais With Alfons YouTube

My Feldenkrais Book

My Feldenkrais Book

My food blog

I also maintain a food blog on Instagram, for the readers of my cook book (in German language)Alfons Instagram

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